Power Stair Climbing Wheelchair


1.Universal controller
2.High quality stair climber stair climbing chair for disabled and elderly people 
3.Climbing lock: slow down and reverse lock
4.Flat ground and stair climbing dual use
5.Backup camera
6.Climb the stairs independently
7.Large comfortable seat


Seat width: 50cm
Seat depth: 50cm
Seat height: 63cm
Overall Length:128cm
Overall width: 76cm
Overall height: 140cm
Rear wheel size: 12 inches
Front wheel size: 8 inches
Folding Length: 114cm
Folding Width: 76cm
Folding Height: 120cm
N.W: 130KG
Load: 150kg
Frame material:steel
Wooden: 78*126*125cm 160kg Driving Range:15KM
Battery: 20Ah lithium
Cushion: Artificial leather
Climb speed: 15 stair steps/Min
Climbing ability: 500 stairs steps
Stair width required: >850mm
Stair depth required: >1500mm
Stair slope required:<45°

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