About us

Mooxno was founded in January 2000 by Duke with the purpose of providing quality medical and health products products to improve the lives of our customers and to support their personal independence. We care about the quality of our products and we strive to provide the best possible products at the highest value.

Mooxno supplies thousands of life-enhancing products to consumers & businesses. Sales are supported by a team of customer service representatives, sales executives & I.T. professionals working in tandem to enhance each customer's experience.

We take pride in having the opportunity to positively affect a person's life, so we scour the market looking for the latest and greatest innovations in health. We also value our supplier relationships as much as our customer relationships. This leads to collaborative negotiations that result in unique promotions and discounted pricing for you.


To create a better life for you.


to make unique medical and health products available to our customers at the

best possible prices.

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we value your words more than anything. We believe that the best way to improve is to hear exactly what our customers want and need from us.
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