2.0ATA Medical Hard Adjustable Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber


Premium Luxury Hyperbaric Chamber

For our Hyperbaric Chamber, We have 9.2" Internal large color touch screen in the chamber inside, you can set chamber pressure; using time; air cooler and so on alone.
1.3ATA ;1.5ATA;2.0ATA adjustable, no need to change the valves, and intelligent pressure balance system


Pressure:1.3ATA: 1.5ATA: 2.0ATA
Size:L225cm*W77cm*H82cm (L89*W31*H33inch)
Materiat:Composite material
Internal screen:9large touch screen
Walkie talkie:2 pieces
UV disinfection lamp:1 piece
Interior lighting:1 piece
Manual pressure relief valve:1 piece
Automatic pressure relief value:2 pieces
Mattress and pillow:1 Set
Humidifier bottle:1 piece
Oxygen mask:2 pieces
Headset oxygen tube:2 pieces


ConentratorOxygen flow:10L/min
Air flow:110L/min
Voltage: AC110V/220V;50/60Hz
Dimension: L40cm*W47cm*H107cm (L15.7*W18.5W42Inch
External screen:13 large touch screen
Power consumption:2000W
Intelligent 3-in-1
CompressorConcentrator Air cooler
Touch display:
Chamber inside pressure
Oxygen concentration;
Pressure Setting
Time Setting
Working Times
Accumulating Time;
Extra filters:
2.sets first filters and.6 sets hepa filters

For our oxygen concentrator system, we are 4 in 1 system, the modular design of the whole machine is divided into four sections:

1) Oxygen concentrator system: including the molecular sieve tower, circuit board, solenoid valve, etc. required by the oxygen concentrator to ensure continuous supply of 10 litermedical grade oxygen, more than 93%.

2) Air cooler: It has a dehumidification and refrigeration function to confirm that the temperature and humidity in the chamber are appropriate.

3) Dual air compressors: ensure that the machine continuously outputs 10L oxygen and 110V air.

4) Booster pump: Stabilizes the pressure in the chamber at the set value, 1.3ATA, 1.5ATA, 2.0ATA are optional.

5) 13.3" external large color touch screen: You can set chamber pressure; using time; air cooler; disinfection and so on by the touch screen.

Others companies you need to use Oxygen Concentrator, air compresor and air cooler machine, total 3 machines, too complicated and with big noisy.

Regarding Premium Luxury 2.0ATA Hard-shell Lying Type Hyperbaric Chamber, it's 2.0ATA with 10 liter Oxygen and 110 liter Air. And chamber size is L225*W76*H72cm.
Pls kindly check our offer as follows:

Packing list 

1* 2.0ATA Hard-shell Lying Chamber +
1* All-in-one oxygen concentrator(Air Compressor;booster pump for oxygen;Air cooler) +
2* Automatic Pressure Relief Valve +
1* Manual Pressure Relief Valve +
1* Cushion and pillow +
1* Intercom phone +
1* Disinfection lamp +
1* Internal touch screen +
4 * Wheels
10* Oxygen mask

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