2 Pack Tactical Rescue Tourniquet


Name: Tourniquet
Type: Plastic Tourniquet
weight : about 90g/1pc

【Strong operability】In the case of no peer, If people needs to stop the bleeding, you can operate with one hand.
【Less difficulty】Rhino tourniquet is faster and easier than parallel clips. It has less difficulty and shortest time.
【Strong pressure resistance】The windlass adds reinforced cellulose, which is not easy to bend and break under strong pressure.
【Significant Anti-slip】Anti-slip design enhances grip and bring a better feelings.
【Hemostasis】It can hemostasis in the critical moment for the purpose of saving lives.
【Multi-field application】Rhino tourniquet can be used in the military, home, and outdoors.
【Adjustable】Tourniquet can be adjusted according to different conditions.

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