7 Inch Touch Screen UV PD Printing Focimeter Lensometer


1. Using Hartmann multi-point area measurement method to measure the progressive lens rapidly and accurately.

LM-300 adopts every measurement result to participate in the amount of calculation which is higher than 80 spot data, then the progressive multi-focal lens can be measured more accurately.

2.No need for ABBE constant, Operation more convenient and measurement more accurate.

LM-300 adopts a green LED light source, which does not require abbe constant compensation. thus the operation is simple and the measured data is more accurate.

3. Based on an extensible integrated high-speed processing system.

LM-300 adopts a new extensible integrated high-speed processing system, high-speed image processing ability, and operation ability of up to 4000 dmips. With this, it can quickly process images with time less than 80 ms from the collecting to processing

4. Support for ultra-low transmittance and low dispersion lens measurement

LM-300 makes full use of the integrated high-speed processing systems to make the processing of image receiving and data, system intelligence synchronization optimization, and accurate measurement of low scatter lenses.

5. The upper limit of a prism is as high as 20delta

The upper limit of LM-300 prism measurements is both 0 20 delta in horizontal and vertical directions,with greater flexibility for measurement.

6. Automatic identification of lens type

LM300 is equipped with an automatic identification system. The system will automatically switch to the corresponding measurement mode according to the measured lens characteristic parameters (divided into normal lens mode and progressive multi-focal measurement mode).

7. Support for PD, PH, and UV measurement result printout

We have two colors, the back of the machine is black, and the back of the machine is white. If there is no special requirement, we will choose the white machine by default

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