10 liter Portable Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator


Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator Feature:

1. High Oxygen Flow And Purity
This oxygen concentrator is 10L with 93% purity, which is a medical level oxygen concentrator
2. This oxygen concentrator has a handle and wheels, easy to move everywhere at home. This oxygen concentrator is small in size, Stylish and beautiful
3. Double filtration System Effectively guarantee the service life of the machine
4. Easy Operation
The rotary flowmeter is stable and reliable, and the elderly also can operate it independently
5. Intelligent Alarm System protects family safety and health
6 Produce Oxygen+Atomizing, one Machine With 2 Functions(nebulizer function optional)
Remarks: It is not possible to switch to the atomization mode during the oxygen production process
7. Long Lasting Time, 24 hours oxygen supply
This oxygen concentrator can be used 24 hours 7 days continuously.

8. Fewer parts than most other oxygen concentrators and is built for reliability so that it is easy to use and easy to own.


Oxygen Concentrator Specification:


Oxygen flow:10L/min
High purity oxygen :≥93%±3%
Power supply: 220V 50Hz Hz/110v 15V60Hz 1Hz
Output pressure:20Kpa-60Kpa
Input Power:480VA
Sound level: Less than 45 DB
Net Weight:55Ibs
Working System: Continuous Flow


Packing List 

1* medical oxygen concentrator
2* Nasal Oxygen tube
1* Humidifier bottle
1* Hepa filter
1* Air filter
1*Nebulizer Kit
1* Using Manual

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