CT Scan Machine 128-slice

YSCT-128X is a 128-slice CT with cardiac scanning function, with 0.298s min rotation speed. It has the patented precision
tomography technology P-AXIAL, which can obtain the thinnest and most refined CT image of 0.3125mm in the industry, and it has obvious advantages in the application of inner ear imaging and pulmonary nodules exploration. The application of CT dual-energy imaging is extended. YSCT-128X CT will help hospitals achieve comprehensive and accurate diagnosis with high-quality images and stable performance and it will redefine the new standards of 128-slice Chinese CT scanner.

Spectral CT with Precise Tomographic Technique
* Equipped with intelligent high-definition cardiac imaging platform, high time resolution ensures the success rate of cardiac scanning, and intelligent pitch technology is configured
* 0.298 sec/rev high speed 128 slice coronary artery scanning technology
* Real time imaging intelligent tracking technology to dynamically monitor the trend of contrast agents
* The 4D intelligent milliampere modulation function ensures the high-definition effect of cardiac imaging
* Global invention patent P-Axial precision tomographic technique, which can obtain 0.3125mm ultra-thin layer precision CT image
* Comprehensive application of intelligent spectral imaging platform, accurate diagnosis during inspection, which can reduce error rate

Model Number YSCT-128X
Application hospital and clinic
Keyword animal ultrasound scanner
Function dialgnosis
Name ultrasound machine
Feature clear image
Image orientation left/right, up/down

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