Dental Milling Machine


Fully automatic:  CAM automatic programming, data management, open system, accept world common format files. Automatic recognition of toolpaths to improve production efficiency
Simple operation:  Excellent and concise machine interface, easy-to-understand operation, no professional CAD/CAM operation skills, only one-key operation.
Quality Assurance: The key components that affect the quality of the whole machine are imported high-quality accessories from the world's top brands.
Persistent operation:  Excellent mechanical structure is the foundation to ensure mechanical precision and rigidity. It adopts an international standard,all-Mehanna cast iron, one-piece molding without welding, and it still maintains the original accuracy after many years of use.
Cutting material: Titanium plate: inner crown, inner crown bridge, dental crown, dental bridge, personalized abutment, bracket
Titanium column: personalized abutment
Resin: Temporary crown and bridge
PEEK: temporary crown, the full crown, full crown bridge, inner crown, inner crown bridge, stent
Wax block: crown and bridge, stent, attachment
Glass-ceramics: veneers, inlays


5 axis
Milling mode
Product type
Crown, Bridge, Implant, Inlay/onlay, Veneer, Framework, Customer abutment, Premilled abutment
Max spindle speed
60000 RPM/min
Spindle cooling
Water cooling
Spindle way
Wet carving
Spindle power
Spindle rotating speed
Rotation range
Number of tool housed
Tool change and check
Fully Automatic
Compatible compressed air
Compatible compressed air
Loadable workpiece shape
Disk diameter: 98 mm
Premilled abutment: Single
Glass ceramic: PIN type
Input Voltage
Single-phase 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Machine Total Power
5 KW
Average milling time
(dental crown)
Zirconia/PMMA/Wax:6-8 min
Titanium: 7-20 min
Abutment: 12-28 min
Glass ceramic: 15-38 min
External dimensions
810*725*1670 mm
520 KG
Processing material
Titanium and other metals or non-metals, HPP, resin, etc.
Average processing time

7-58 minutes/9-20 minutes
Titanium column/titanium crown

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