Electric Stair Lift for elderly

  • An intelligent stair lift can help aged or disabled people go up or go down the stair by themselves, which solve the inconvenience of aged people.
  • This product is easy to install. It only occupies the rail which on the left or right of the stairs to function. It will not ruin any family facility, especially suited for decorated families.
  • The structure of the stair lift is made of steel, aluminium alloy castings, and inflaming retarding plastic. It is safe and beautiful.

Please tell me which type you need:

In order to give you the best price please tell me the following questions when inquiry:

1. What is the length of the total stairs?

2. Please tell me the parameters of the step, then we can design drawings for you.

3. If you can send me pictures I will appreciate it!


Main specification:

· Safety load:                                               120kg

· Rail max rising angle:                               52°

· Running speed:                                          6.8 m/min

· Rail tube diameter:                                    45mm

· Distance between wall and rail:                130mm,

· Noise(under max load):                             70dBA  

· Distance between stair surface and rail:    80mm,

· Drive motor power:                                    200w

· Power:                                                        2*12v-7Ah

· Driving mode:                                            Gear and rack


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