First Aid Emergency Kit 300-Piece


First Aid Emergency Kit


Essential First Aid   Kit contains 300 first aid supplies for treating common cuts, scrapes, aches and pains.

Organization    Clear plastic liner in nylon case for organization and quick access to first aid supplies.

Portable            Lightweight, easy to carry case


Packing List (300PCS)

1 x Red First Aid Case
1 x Scissors(9cm)
1 x Plastic Tweezers
1 x PBT Elastic Bandage(4.5cm*10m)
1 x PBT Elastic Bandage(3*4.5cm*7.5m)
1 x PBT Elastic Bandage(3*4.5cm*5m)
100 x Adhesive Stypsis Bandages
50 x Pad
10 x Soap Wipe
10 x Sting Relief
10 x Antiseptic Cleansing Wipe
2 x Sterile Gauze Swab(10*10cm)
2 x Sterile Gauze Swab(7.5*7.5cm)
2 x Sterile Gauze Swab(5*5cm)
1 x Adhesive Wound Dressing(6*7cm)
1 x Adhesive Wound Dressing(6*10cm)
2 x Adhesive Bandage
2 x Bandage Triangulaire(96cm*96cm*136cm)
2 x Disposable PVC Gloves(2Pair)
5 x Disposable CPR Mask
20 x Safety Pins
1 x Cotton Buds
10 x Povidone-lodine Prep Pad
2 x Emergency Blanket(130*210cm)
1 x Burn Dressing(40*60cm)
1 x Rainwear
1 x Versatile Bandages
1 x Yellow Bandage
1 x Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation Device

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