Flexible Splint Wrist Thumb Support

Bullet Points:

1.Relief and Protection: This wrist brace is highly elastic and provides gentle compression, relieving wrist discomfort and fatigue. It also has a fixed support that fits snugly around the wrist, protecting the wrist joints from injury.
2.Comfortable and Breathable: Made of high-quality fabric, this wrist brace with thumb support is comfortable to wear and has good breathability. The inner layer does not irritate the skin and provides optimal support for your wrist and thumb.
3.Adjustable and Firm: This wrist brace with thumb support can be adjusted freely according to the size of the wrist, ensuring a firm and comfortable fit. It is made of wear-resistant material that is not easy to slip off or deform, so you can use it for a long time.
4.Wide Application: Whether you are playing badminton, table tennis, basketball, tennis, or any other kinds of sports, this wrist brace with thumb support will keep your wrist and thumb fully protected from injuries. It is also suitable for daily office, studying, typing, and other activities that require wrist and thumb movement.
5.Colorful Design: Our wrist brace with thumb support is available in four bright colors that suit different personalities and preferences. It is not easy to fade, so you can enjoy the vibrant colors for a long time.


This Thumb and Wrist Brace is perfect for relieving wrist discomfort and fatigue while protecting the wrist joints. It has good breath ability and is not easy to deform. Ideal for sports like table tennis, it suits different personalities and preferences.
Product Name: Thumb Wrist Guard
Product material: 40% nylon, 45% polyester, 15% neoprene
Product size: (approx.)18*14.5*4cm/7.09*5.71*1.57 inches
Packing List:
Thumb and Wrist Brace x 1

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