Four Point Cane Tip Walking Cane Quad Foot Stainless Steel


1. Reduce Impact on Wrists: This walking cane quad foot design effectively reduces the impact on hands and wrists, providing greater traction on various terrains.
2. Slip Prevention: Each leg of the cane is equipped with a non slip rubber tip, offering superior stability and traction for added safety.
3. Stable Support: With quad tip design, this cane rubber tip will keep you upright and stable and on any surface where you feel comfortable walking.
4. Four Point Support Base: The quad foot design allows the cane to stand independently, preventing it from dropping or falling on the floor.
5. Solid Construction: Made with high strength stainless steel material, this walking cane is sturdy and durable for prolonged use.


Item Type: Walking Cane Quad Foot
Material: Stainless Steel
Tube Diameter: Approx. 19mm/0.75in (suitable for crutches with 22mm upper tube)

Package List:

1 x Walking Cane Quad Foot


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