Hydrotherapy Machine

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The lower extremity whirlpool hydrotherapy machine uses various physical properties of water to act on the human lower extremities, Spa pool is equipped with steps, suitable for people of different heights, and a more user-friendly design to solve the problem of inconvenient access 

1. Function: hydraulic massage, time setting, colorful lights, time display, temperature display, electric
2. Temperature display: 12 colorful light beads, automatically switch colors according to different temperatures.
3. Water massage: a total of 6 massage nozzles.

Model Number XY-SL-BI
Rated voltage 500V
Working frequency 50Hz
Rated electricity 20A Low disjunction capacity
Ambient temperature range +5℃ ~ +40℃
Training time 1~60min
Rated input power 950VA

 Technical Characteristics

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