Medical Arm Sling with Split Strap

Arm Sling Description :
Manufactured by high quality mesh cloth, comfortable to wear. The force-bearing point lies on the shoulder to prevent the pressure form focusing on the neck to cause fatigue symptom. It can be adjusted freely according to the position of the hand and the angle of the elbow joint. Besides, it can be worn all by oneself, therefore, it'll definitely bring much convenience. Adjustable strap helps to immobilize the arm and shoulder availably. Strong stability and excellent breathability contribute to its great performance. It can be widely applied to the treatment of fracture of forearm, sprain of finger and wrist joint, external fixation of elbow joint, etc.

1. Arm Sling Made of high quality mesh cloth.
2. Antibacterial and allergic resistant.
3. Strong stability, excellent breathability.
4. Can be adjusted freely.
5. Helps to immobilize the arm and shoulder availably.

Item Type: Arm Sling
Material: Mesh Cloth
Color: White, Black (Optional)
Size Type: Average Size
Package Weight: Approx. 47-50g
Size Details:
Size 1 (White): Approx. 39 x 19cm / 15.35 x 7.48inch
Size 2 (Black): Approx. 31.5 x 24cm / 12.40 x 9.45inch

Package Include:
1 x Arm Sling

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