Optical Coherence Tomography Unit



Compact Design :

Everything is inside this compact body. No external computer is needed. Plugin the power cable, then you are ready to go.
PC Inside
Data acquisition and processing are accomplished by the internal computer. The data can be transported via ethernet or an external
hard drive. Peripheral devices, such as keyboards or printers, can be connected to the computer ports.
Easy Installation
No complex connection or setup. A compact body can fit in even a small space.


Affordable Quality:

We believe that less is more. The simple design of RetiView 500 OCT reduces the cost of the device without sacrificing the image
OCT has never been so affordable. More people can benefit from the advanced technology now.

Step 1
Choose left or right eye. Push the direction buttons to move the target eye to the center of the field of view, then start the data
Step 2
Enter the data acquisition interface. The device is able to search for the OCT signal and optimize it automatically.
Step 3
Browse and analyze the acquired images.

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