Outdoor Exercise Swim SPA 4m Length


Material Acrylic, fiberglass
Support Bracket Made of rustproof Stainless steel 304
Water Pump Famous Brand Water Pump with CE/ SASO certificate, super quality massage nozzles, warranty time is 3 years. Two power options: 1x1.0HP / 1X2.0HP.
Thermostat Heater Option, auto heating when bathtub water is lower than the present temperature, auto switch off when bathtub water is higher than the present temperature
Bubble system Air Bubble nozzles

Acrylic endless swimming pool refers to the use of acrylic sheets on the side of the swimming pool, and all the conditions inside the swimming pool can be seen from the side. The high permeability of acrylic sheets makes people feel that there is no boundary and no frame. The toughness and plasticity of the acrylic board can be molded into any shape, not limited to straight, streamlined, arc, or triangle, all can be realized. Thick acrylic sheet has good toughness, can withstand strong water pressure, and hang in the air.

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