Outdoor Swim SPA with Party Massage Bath

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Product details
SPA model PR-7305A
Exterior dimensions (CM) 210×210×93
Seating capacity 6
Stainless steel water jet 57
Stainless steel air jet 23
Massage pump 1 2.5HP
Massage pump 2 2.5HP
Massage pump 3 2HP
Circulation pump 0.35HP
Air blower 900W
Heater 3KW
Ozone generator Yes
SG control system Yes
USA imported acrylic shell Yes
Stainless steel frame Yes
HD foam for shell Yes
Multicolor LED Light System Yes
Underwater LED light -
PS skirt Yes
Skirt tinfoil insulation Yes
ABS sealed bottom Yes
Filter cartridge (or filter bag) Yes
Pillow 3
Drain valve 1
Insulating cover (10-7cm) Yes

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