Patient Lift with Straps

Disabled Safely Move Lifting Aids

1. Adjust Position: Safety transfer belt lets the nursing personnel adjust patients in a comfortable and safe positions from different angles at any time.
2. Leg Loop: Transfer belt with leg loops to keep the patient safe, effectively prevent shrinkage and distribute weight evenly for a comfortable experience.
3. Easy Transfer: Safety transfer gait belt can transfer the patient from the wheelchair to a bed, car or other chairs to aid in physical therapy, which will not fall off.
4. Convenient Use: Patient transfer gait belt with horizontal and vertical Angle handle, can assist the patient in different directions, which is more convenient to use.
5. Excellent Nylon: Transfer gait belt is made of high quality mesh cloth and nylon webbing fabrics, soft and skin friendly, and can be used for a long time.
Item Type: Patient Transfer Belt
Material: Mesh cloth, nylon webbing
For People:
1. Elderly people with limited mobility;
2. Patients who need training to walk;
3. People who are disabled or unable to take care of themselves.

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