Portable Auto Hand Refractor for Optic Ophthalmic Equipment

Precision of AI.
AI-Optic is a vision screener built entirely on Artificial Intelligence.
AI-Optic combines infrared photorefraction with the deep learning algorithm of AI. That makes AI-Optic the most accurate handheld vision screener on the planet. Twice as precise when compared to other handheld vision screeners and as reliable as large desktop devices.
Powerful. Precise. Safe. With almighty AI-Optic-designed Artificial Intelligence, AI-Optic is the most accurate vision screener of its kind. Capable of detecting early signs of refractive disorders such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. All at an incredible value.
Revolution in technology.Revolution in pricing.
The preceding generation of vision screeners use outdated image processing algorithms - they compare captured eye images with previously stored ones, looking for similarities. That requires a large internal database and costly CPUs with massive computing power. Making them expensive to manufacture.
AI-Optic uses cloud-based AI and deep learning algorithms to process eye scans. By uploading images to the cloud server for computing and using one powerful central computer built around Artificial Intelligence, AI-Optic eliminates the need for built-in image computing hardware. That means more accurate results without expensive internal CPUs or expansive internal databases.
All that innovation results in fewer moving parts, a more compact design, and significantly reduced production cost.

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