Portable Hair Washing Basin With Drain Tube


 Portable hair wash basin makes it easy and convenient for people who are bedridden or have limited mobility to wash their hair in bed, thus simplifying the hair washing process. It can also be used for healthy people who want to conduct hair spa at home.

Easy to use: Advanced double-layer air valve, easy to inflate and deflate. Fill the air through the upper valve and open the lower valve to deflate; no need to worry about air leakage when filling the basin or difficulty in deflating. Quickly inflate through the mouth or pump.

Soft and smooth to the touch. Large inflatable panel firmly supports the neck and provides comfortable cushioning for the head and shoulders during use, without the need for additional installation of bulky pillows.

Deep double tube design prevents splashing and keeps the environment neat and tidy. Comes with a long hose (40 inches) for quick drainage after use.

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