Portable Power Station 4000w

[Large Expandable Capacity]

R4000 power station as home replacement battery can expand the capacity from 3600Wh to 21600Wh by five additional R4000, and the maximum 4000W AC output can meet the simultaneous use of almost all household appliances. R4000 is equipped with UPS to ensure the safe operation of similar CPAP and computers. It is very suitable for emergency power failure at home and long-distance outdoor travel by RV.

[Amazing Fast Charging]

Thanks to our proprietary technology, R4000 battery can be charged from 0 to 100% only 1 hour by EV charging station superimposed with solar or wall outlets superimposed with solar. You can also charge from EV charging stations, solar or wall sockets separately. Equipped with short circuit trip switch, it can maximize the safety of charging and discharging and avoid the self-consumption of idle time

[Long-life LiFePO4 battery]

This R4000 power station features a LiFePO4 battery. The maximum battery capacity is higher than 80% after 3500 cycles of charging and higher than 50% after 6500 cycles. Therefore, R4000 exceeds the service life of 10 years. It is equipped with three charging modes ( Fast mode/Standard mode/Silent mode ) to meet the needs of different charging environments.

[Unique Voice Control, Smart Wifi and Bluetooth Control Function]

The voice control power station makes operation more intelligent, all functions of the power station can be controlled by fixed voice commands. Easy to realize by connecting with APP via WIFI power monitoring/function setting/remote control/system upgrade.

[Warranty & Included] R4000 offers you 5 YEARS warranty and with friendly customer service.

Delivery Contents:

1 * R4000 Portable Power Station,

1* AC Charging Cable,

1 * MC-4 to XT60 Charging Cable,

1 * User Manual.


Display screen. Yes
Nominal Capacity 3600Wh
Certification. CE,pse,RoHS,WEEE,UL
Size. 540*490*300mm
Model Number. R4000+AP-SP-029
Type. Lifepo4
Origin. Mainland China
Replacement Battery No
Set Type Charger Sets
AC input power Max power 2000W 10A (fast charging)
AC input voltage 100V-120V 10A , 220V-240V 10A, 50Hz/60Hz
Solar input 11 -150V MPPT 15A max. current, 2000W max. power
Charging pile input 2000W max
AC charging line + solar input 4000W max
Charging pile + solar input 4000W max
4 X AC output 220V-240V 4000W (peak 6000W).
2XUSB-A 5V=2.4A 12W
2XUSB-A QC 5V=2.4A, 9V=2A;12V=1.5A 18W
2XUSB-C 5/9/12/15/20V=5A;Max.power 100W
Car charger output 12V-10A, max power 120W
Caravan output 100V-120V 3000W; 220V-240V 3000W
Battery Type LFP Lithium Iron Phosphate
Weight 50kg

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