Portable Ultrasound Scanner Color Doppler Machine Convex / Linear Probe



Ultrasound Machine is a color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic device with high resolution, which has a powerful computer processing platform. The system is mainly suitable for the diagnosis of the abdomen, heart, peripheral vessels, breast, obstetrics and gynecology, small organs, urology, muscle, incretion, and pediatrics, etc. It adopts Doppler ultrasound imaging technology, advanced image processing technology (such as digital beam-forming technology, tissue harmonic imaging (THI), image speckle suppression, etc.), and a digital integrated graphic management system, and the internal professional measurement software package can fully meet the clinic diagnostic requirement.

Enhance your diagnosis with improved imaging performance and adaptive technologies with ultrasound machines, solutions, and services
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5 Year Warranty

Color Doppler (CF), color power Doppler imaging (PDI).

Pulse spectrum Doppler (PW), 

Continuous-wave Doppler (CW).

Superior in phased array cardiac imaging technology, complete in the software package of cardiac measurement function.

B+CF (Dual Images)  

B+CF/PDI/DPDI+PW (Triplex) 

3D, 4D imaging.(optional) 

Convex array extended imaging.

Linear array deflection/trapezoid imaging.

Anatomic M-mode imaging.

space compounding imaging

Tissue harmonic imaging (THI).

Contrast agent imaging.(optional) 

Wide scene imaging.(optional) 

Puncture enhanced.(optional) 


1)Display depth: ≥ 300 mm

2)Extended interface: VIDEO interface, S-VIDEO interface, RJ-45 interface, USB interface, VGA interface.


Type of protection against electric shock: class Ⅰ equipment

Degree of protection against electric shock: type B applied part

Operating voltage: AC 100 V~240 V

Operating frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power consumption: ≤ 100 VA

Packing list

1X Portable Ultrasound Machine

1X Abdominal probe (3.5 MHz)

1X User Manual 

1X Power cord 

1X Adapter 

Physical characteristic

Dimension: 370 mm (L) × 360 mm (W) × 80 mm (H)

Weight: 6.5 kg

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