PVC Adult Intubation Manikin Teaching Model

Features & Details

【DURABLE MATERIAL】 - This adult airway manikin is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material and PVC plastic, processed by the injection molding machine in a stainless steel pattern die under high temperature. Firm and durable, no deformation after cleaning.

【HUMAN SIMULATION】 - The adult intubation manikin is designed according to the human body's anatomical structure, with a real feel, uniform skin color, realistic outlook, and beautiful appearance. The movable chin and cervical spine bring practical operating experience.

【CORRECT INDICATION】 - When the intubation is correct, the lungs will distend, with the light display and music, while the stomach inflates with alarm and light if wrongly inserted into the esophagus. The warning with light also occurs when the teeth are compressed.

【INTUITIVE SECTION】 - One side of the airway manikin is designed to be fully open. The exposed section visually displays the anatomical structure of the trachea and nasal cavity and cervical spine activities. The process of tracheal intubation also can be directly observed.

【MULTIFUNCTIONAL USES】 - This intubation model is mainly used in adult asphyxia recovery teaching to instruct and train students' operation of the tracheal intubation. It is a necessity for medical colleges, hospitals, clinics, health care institutions, etc.

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