Swimming Massage Pool

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Size 5800x2280x1500 mm
Seat 3 Person
Material US Aristech Acrylic(Optional)
Total jets 39 PCS
Water Capacity 8300 L
Net weight 1450 KGS

100% no leaking plumbing

We fix the pipes with imported blue glue and then tighten them with the S/S clamp. It has double security to avoid any minor leaking.

High-density heat-lock insulation

For each AquaSpring spa, the entire spa body is covered with 25mm high-dense polyurethane foam, and the bottom of the spa is sealed by a fiberglass-reinforced plastic base (FRP). This spatial insulation can lock the heat in the spa extremely and create the most energy-saving spa.

Elegant cable slot

Every AquaSpring spa’s cables are fixed inside the slot, which makes the spa look more elegant and the cables are protected properly.

Strong ball valves for pumps

For each pump in AquaSpring spa, is equipped with strong ball valves both in front of the pump and its back. So the pump system can be controlled independently. Users do need to drain all the spa water in case the pump gets the problem.

Exclusive draining system

Every AquaSpring spa has the bottom drain valve as standard and has the exclusive draining plumbing system: its pipe is appr. 15cm higher from the bottom and all the pipes are connected to the drain valve on the skirt. So more than 99% of water inside the spa and pipes can be emptied when people want to dry the spa.

Automatic air escape system

With this unique system, you don’t need to fill the water through the filter area but can fill the water through anywhere in the spa, no need to worry about the air block in the pumps.

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