Vein Viewer Machine


● This machine has various user-defined functions, which can adapt to different ages, body shapes, skin colors, weights, and various operating environments.
● Advanced vasculature algorithm
● Switchable colors can fit different skin groups
● 4 Sizes Available: Large, Medium, Small, and Very Small Suitable for adults, children, infants, and newborns.
● Adjustable Brightness: Adjust the projection image to the most comfortable brightness.
● Handheld, benchtop, and mobile stand available
● Help clinicians find peripheral veins, bifurcations, and valves in real-time
● Increase first-stick success and patient satisfaction by up to 100%
* Inversion: Reduce arm hair interference and make blood vessels clearer.
* Enhancement Mode: Enhance the clarity of blood vessel detection.


Technical Specification:

● Light Source:Near Infrared
● Projector Resolution(pixel):854*480
● Projection Size:Large, Medium, Small, Very Small Suitable for adults, children ,infant and newborns.
● Projection Color:Black white, Green, Green Background, Red,
Purple, Purple Background
● Projection Brightness:4 levels adjustable the projection image to the most comfortable brightness.
● Projection Mode:Normal, enhanced, depth
● Depth Prompts:Deep, medium, shallow
● Resolution Speed:60frames/s
● Resolution Deviation:≤0.10mm
Best Projection Distance:200士20mm
● Minimum ldentified Blood Vessel Diameter:≥0.4mm
● Wave Length:850nm
● Maximum Detection Depth:≤8mm
● Sleeping Function:30 minutes no operation goes into the sleeping function
● Display:0.96inch OLED display module, displaying pixels,
battery, brightness, color, mode, sleep countdown, etc
● Main Unit Consumption:50VA
● Power:100~240V,50/60HZ,Adapter:12V,2.5A
● Battery:Internal 7.2V 2200mAh Working time ≥2.5h
● Fixed Option: Mobile stand, benchtop, handheld
Physical characteristic:
● Dimension:220mm*65mm*65mm
● Weight:480g

Package included:

1X Vein Finder
1X Power Charger
1X Carrying Case
1X Bracket
1X Benchtop Stand Holder
1X User's manual

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