Veterinary MRI Scan Machine

Magnet Type
self-temperature control, Permanent Nd-Fe-B magnet
Magnet Strength
25cm DSV ≤10ppm(Vp-p)
Magnet Open size

Gradient Strength: ≥10mT/m
RF Amplifier
Spectrometer type Full digital
Channel 2
Max output power of RF Amplifier 5KW
RF coils transmitting coil, head coil, body coil, joint coil

Imaging System
Computer Type: Dual CPU
Operation System: WINDOWS XP
User Interface: WINDOWS English and Chinese Operation System
CPU: ≥2.8GHz
Hard Disk: ≥250Gbyte
RAM: 2048Mbyte
maging Monitoring: 22 inch(TFT)display
Image post processing & Analysis: Image synchronization filter, Enhancement, magnify, translation, image cropping, negative film, Wide window automatically adjust, Text annotation or clear, Distant Measurement, The signal value distribution

Scanning Sequence
Spin Echo (SE 2D/3D)
Fast spin echo (FSE)
Gradient Echo (GRE 2D/3D)
Fat Suppressed Image
Water Suppressed Image
Proton density imaging
Head Scanning software package
Body scanning software package
Joint scanning software

Scanning Parameter
Space Resolution: modulate elements≥0.47, Construction distinguishable
Max Matrix: 512x512
FOV: 90~300mm
Scanning Lay: Any angles(axial, sagittal, transversal, any oblique, multilayer multi-angle)
Image Type: T1 Weighted imaging, T2 Weighted imaging, T2* Weighted imaging, proton density imaging, Fat Suppressed Image

Auxiliary System
Max. Patient load weight: 135Kg
Anesthesia conduction device
Observation Window
Site Requirement
Design shielding room, easy installation
Min installation area: 3m x 4m
Power supplier: AC 220V, 50Hz 6KVA

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