20LPM Medical Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator for Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber



20 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Feature


 1. PSA oxygen-producing method makes this oxygen concentrator safe and economical. It can work anywhere oxygen and electricity are available.
2. Concentration of the oxygen produced by our oxygen generation plant can be higher than 90%. The flow rate is adjustable in the range of 0-20L/min.
3. Large LCD display on our oxygen-producing machine can indicate the operating pressure, internal working temperature, present operating time, accumulated working time, and the preset time.
4. Designed with timing function, our oxygen concentrator will stop running automatically when it reaches the preset time.
5. Oxygen concentration status indicator allows the users to monitor oxygen concentration in real-time
6. Oxygen Concentrator be used at veterinary hospital or clinic, zoo to supply oxygen for pet cage vet machine, or pet hyperbaric oxygen chamber
7. for retirement homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, more. quiet operation levels

Oxygen Machine Specification

Model: M-20L
Oxygen: flow 0-20L/min adjust
Oxygen concentration: ≥93%±3%
Power supply: 220V±10%, 50Hz±1
Output pressure: 20Kpa-60Kpa or custom pressure
Input Power: 300VA
Sound level: Less than 45 DB
Net Weight: 80KG
Dimension(MM): 450×750×950
Working System: Continuous flow
Case Size(MM:) 480×490×850



Packing List 

1* Medical oxygen concentrator
2* Humidifier Bottle
4* HEPA filter 
4* Nasal cannula
1* Using Manual


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