1.3 ATA / 4.3 PSI 10 Liter Oxygen ConcentratorHyperbaric Chamber


Chamber Features:

  • Three-Year Warranty.
  • Delivers 95%+ Oxygen under pressure via a face mask or nasal cannula.
  • All-in-One medical grade 10 LPM All-in-One Oxygen Generator/Compressor.
  • Total compressed air input of 210 LPM.
  • Delivers safe and effective oxygen at 1.3 ATA and 4.3 PSI.
  • Supports up to 4 individuals comfortably
  • Can be operated alone, without assistance.
  • Triple heat-welded seams, no toxic glues required.
  • Five transparent viewport windows for monitoring.
  • Self-operable, no assistance required.
  • Redundant pressure release valves for carbon dioxide exhaust.
  • 5 stage carbon filter system for pollutant reduction.
  • Proprietary 2-zipper system with a center flap.
  • Internal and external pressure relief valves.
  • Emergency valve for quick depressurization.
  • Safe and effective Oxygen sessions at 1.3 ATA and 4.3 PSI.
  • Dual internal and external pressure gauges.
  • Includes an air dehumidifier for comfort.
  • Non-toxic medical-grade materials.
  • Double deck windows for additional strength.
  • Continuous and safe operation with reduced carbon dioxide buildup.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Video setup training and customer support.
  • Negative ION UNIT included.
  • Fast shipping
  • Optional air conditioning system.
  • International shipping and voltage/plug type adaptations available.

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