1.5ATA Portable Sitting Chamber Hyperbaric Oxygen

Emergency pressure relief valve

Made of aluminum, light has good corrosion resistance, and toughness, is easy to polish, and color film, an excellent anodic oxidation effect.
One-button emergency pressure relief, manual emergency double security. The red appearance is more eye-catching.

Excellent silent system
Material: activated carbon filter cotton + activated carbon fiber felt It can effectively filter dust, odor, and organic pollutants
in the air; Large surface area, well-developed fine pores, high adsorption performance

Automatic Pressure Relief Valves
Made of aluminum, all aluminum material, high hardness, wear-resistant. Automatic high-precision constant pressure valve Ensure
the safety and effectiveness of the product's Built-in high-precision spring.

Imported high-precision pressure gauges

Imported high precision pressure gauges Equipped with internal and external pressure gauges, allowing pressure changes to be
observed both internally and externally for greater safety and security

Air compressor

Size(L*W*H) 39*24*26 cm (16*10*11 inch)
Air Flow 72Liter/min
Power 480W
Voltage 110VAC/220VAC±10%
Weight 18KG
Sufficient power, built-in filter cotton to purify the compressed air, equipped with a silencer to minimize noise

Folding Chair

Color Green
Size Chair Size:95*50*60cm
Spread Length:144cm
Weight 9KG
Material Comfortable mesh fabric, high-quality sponge,
Thickened steel frame
Flexible and foldable structure, small size, and easy to move. Gold relies on the lying angle to release back pressure. Ergonomic design, more suitable for cervical vertebrae.

Oxygen Concentrator

Size(L*W*H) 35*32*57 cm (14*13*23 inch)
Voltage 110VAC/220VAC±10%
Oxygen Flow 5-10L/Minute
Power 480W
Weight 30KG

Air cooler

Size(L*W*H) 18*12*35 cm (7.2*5*14 inch)
Voltage 110VAC/220VAC±10%
Capability 150L/Minute
Pressure 0.8mPa
Power 220W
Weight 5KG
Low-cost cooling and humidity reduction equipment for a more comfortable working environment

                                           SGS-certified High-Quality TPU
                                                 Customized color
           170*70*110cm(67*28*43 inch)
       220*70*110cm(89*28*43 inch)
Just different in length, ST1700 is used for sitting/semi-lying, and ST2200 has more space for lying

Air compressor
39*24*26cm (16*10*11 inch)
Quiet & Oil Free Type. Two super adsorptions activated carbon filters in air input and outlet to protect.

Oxygen concentrator
35*32*57cm (14*13*23 inch)
Flow rate
5Liter/min  / 10Liter/min

PSA Molecular Sieve High Technology. Continuous oxygen production, no need for an oxygen tank.

Air cooler
18*12*35cm ( 7.2*5*14 inch)
Cooling and dehumidification 

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