1-7L/min Vet Oxygen Concentration


Efficient, low operating cost minimizes oxygen expenses
Produces oxygen from compressed air
Convenient and low-pressure operation
Reliable, safe, unattended operation assures oxygen is available 24-hours a day
Today, veterinarians have the option to benefit from low cost oxygen produced by oxygen generators. They can increase care profitably, independent of liquid and oxygen cylinders.Compact design, light weight and easy to carry.
1-7L continuous oxygen supply.
Energy efficient and low power consumption.
Mutiple ways of power supply, connect with AC power at home, with DC power in car, also with the battery outdoors.

Model Number B-1
Product name Oxygen Concentrator
Material ABS
Size 275*215*315mm
Flow rate 1-7L/min
Outlet pressure 6-10Psi (0.04-0.07Mpa)
Oxygen concentration 93%-38%
Power consumption 90W
Net weight 6.3kgs
Technology PSA

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