2.0 ATA Metal Hyperbaric Chamber


Working Pressure 1.5ATA/1.6ATA/2.0ATA
Weight 230kg /507lbs
Length 220cm / 89inches
Diameter 75cm / 30inches
Material Stainless Steel
Windows 2 Transparent Windows
Oxygen Purity 90-97%
Chamber Color White / OEM Available

Transparent Windows and Door
Three transparent windows bring users a bright and comfortable experience of hyperbaric oxygen.

New advanced welding process
The advanced new technology of welding and splicing perfectly combines metal and polycarbonate, reinforced by an aluminum ring on the outside, which is strong and beautiful, and will not be deformed when in use. The chamber is made of 3 pieces of stainless steel of different thicknesses welded together, resulting in greater strength and resistance to pressure, and unlike other products, there is no risk of bending during prolonged use.

In-Out Control Panel and Screen
The control panel can control the power switch, oxygen, anion, refrigeration and dehumidification system, which is easy to operate. In addition, there are call buttons and reading lights in chamber, making hyperbaric oxygen therapy an enjoyable experience. There are display screens inside and outside to display the data of oxygen purity, temperature and humidity. 

Power Failure Safety System
In the event of a sudden power failure, a power failure safety system in the unit ensures safe use. In the event of a sudden power failure while the user is fully asleep, the system in the hard chamber will automatically and slowly release the pressure. Once the chamber pressure is released, the door will automatically drop down, making the hard chamber safer to use.

Door Safety System
Each hard type hyperbaric oxygen chamber is equipped with a safety door sensor. When the door is not in a safe position, the door will not close, protecting the safety of users.

4 Adjustable Pressure Levels
The user is allowed to switch between 1.4-1.6-1.8-2.0 ATA, so that the user can slowly adapt to the pressure and bring a comfortable and perfect hyperbaric oxygen treatment experience.

Dual Cooling System
The all-in-one unit provides double efficient cooling and dehumidification. Especially in summer, it ensures that the air inside the chamber is cool and dry enough. Moreover, it does not need to add additives such as Freon and water cooling. 

Anion Air Purification and Sterilization
The all-in-one unit has a built-in anionic air purification instrument. This ensures the high quality of the air entering the chamber and the breathing health of the user. In addition, a disinfection and sterilization system protects the chamber's circulation. It is the perfect choice for clinics, health centers and other commercial scenarios.


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