3 ATA HyperBaric Oxygen Chamber HardShell 31 inch Diameter


Delivers safe and effective oxygen at 3 ATA or 200 kPA.
Smart System monitors and maintains safe CO2 levels.
Features customizable settings for each session as follows: Usage Time, Pressure, and Temperature.
All controls available via a simple touch screen display on both the internal and external chamber allows total control of the chamber either internally or externally.
The sliding glass door facilitates entry and exit and allows ample light into the chamber, allowing clients to be viewed easily.
Features an emergency pressure release valve on the inside of the chamber to speed up depressurization in an emergency.
Provides the best quality and features at this price point where others offer the same quality at double the price.
Features ground protection on the entire chamber body to ensure any electrical static impulses are removed.
Additional Oxygen Inlet Port available for expansion.
Air Conditioning system included to keep you comfortable during your session. Can be cooled down to 18C (64.4F).
Equipped with an internal pressure gauge to allow the user to observe the pressure.
It can be operated continuously, making it ideal for doctors’ offices.
It can be operated without the assistance of a 2nd person.
Business financing is available. Call for details.
It can fit through a 33.5-inch doorway.
3 Year Warranty


Usage : One Patient
Operation Pressure :10~200 kPa (1.1 ~ 3.0 ATA)
Size :86-inch (L) x 31.5 W – interior
Weight:220 kg or 485 lbs
Material :Steel
Maximum Weight Limit 250 kg or 550 lbs    

Volume :100 L / Min
Voltage :115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption :950 VA
Size:(W) 17.7″ x (D) 25.3″ x (H) 43″
Weight :94 kg
Material Steel
Installation Space (W) 3000 mm / 118-inches (D) 1500 mm / 59-inches

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