32 Inch Hyperbaric Chamber

2 zipper seal for easier entrance

7 large transparent viewing windows to prevent claustrophobia

Cotton chamber protection cover, to avoid dirty and easy to wash

Popular model for home treatment or commercial usage

Delivers 93% oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset/facial mask

Easy Operation - One people can operate it without assistance

Internal metal frame - Hold the shape when deflated

Provide one year warranty, online technical support


Chamber material:
TPU + inner pocket nylon fiber (TPU coating + high strength nylon fiber)
TPU coating plays a good sealing role, high-strength nylon fiber pressure resistance.
And the material is non-toxic. After the SGS test.
Other companies are PVC material, although not visible from the appearance, easy to age, brittle, not durable, poor quality.

Chamber Pressure:
ST801 model have three pressure mode for choose.
1.3ATA is the most people choose, 1.4ATA and 1.5ATA can be optional

Sealing system:
Soft silicone + Japanese YKK zipper:
(1) daily sealing is good.
(2) when the power failure, the machine stops, the silicone material due to its own weight is relatively heavy, thus naturally sagging, and then the formation of a gap between the zipper, this time the air will be in and out, will not lead to suffocation problems.

Splicing pure TPU transparent window:
We use high-frequency heat welding (high-frequency welding) technology, non-composite, one-piece molding, the use of high-cost large mold.
Other companies' products are composite, using small molds, easy to leak.

Automatic Pressure Relief Valves:
The chamber pressure reaches the set pressure automatically constant, maintaining a steady state of pressure, eliminating pain in the ear and keeping the air oxygen flow. The higher the pressure, the greater the spring strength and hard ness required. The precision is high, accurate, and quiet.

Emergency Pressure Relief Valve:
(1) Realize the fast exit within 30S
(2) When the automatic constant pressure valve fails, it can achieve the role of pressure stabilization and pressure relief.

Mattress material:
(1) 3D material, millions of support points, perfectly fit the body curve, support the body curve, the human body for all-round support. In all directions, to achieve a comfortable sleep state.
(2) hollow three-dimensional structure, six-sided breathable, washable, easy to dry.
(3) The material is non-toxic, friendly to the environment, and passed the RPHS international test.

Oxygen concentrator BO5L/10L
One click start function
LED high-definition display
Real-time display
Optional timing function
Flow adjustment knob
Power outage fault alarm

Air compressor
One-key start function
Flow output up to 72Lmin
Optional negative ion
Filtration system

Air dehumidifier
Advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology
Reduces air temperature by 5°C
Reduces humidity by 5%
Able to operate stably in high-pressure

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