32 inch Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Dual YKK zippers with isolation pads to prevent air leakage.
2 layers of TPU with 1 fiber layer for enhanced durability.
Nylon cover for scratch prevention and added aesthetics.
1 tube integrates all functions for easy setup with CCU.
Oil-free air compressor for quiet and durable performance.
Touch screen control panel for effortless session setup.
Huge molecular sieve for lasting oxygen purity.


Technical Spec.    301
Working Pressure (ATA)    1.3
Working Pressure (Kpa)    30
Diameter (cm)    80
Length (cm)    220
Width    N/A
Height     N/A
Chamber Material    2-layer TPU
Chamber Weight (with frame)    12
CCU Weight (aluminum hull)     40
Airflow Delivered into Chamber (L/Min)    75
Oxygen Volume Delivered into Chamber (L/Min)    5
Oxygen Delivery Method    with / without Headset
Oxygen purity (%)    88±3
Sound Level    Less than 60 Db
Power (watt)    650

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