3ATA High Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber

Applicable Industries    Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Construction works , Energy & Mining
Weight    1350 KG
Warranty    3 years
Key Selling Points    High Productivity
Marketing Type    Ordinary Product
Machinery Test Report    Provided
Video outgoing-inspection    Provided
Warranty of core components    1 Year
Core Components    Pressure vessel
Condition    New
Brand Name    TELI
Usage    Oxygen
Production Rate    2200W
Voltage    220VAC
Dimension(L*W*H)    2600*1440*1070
Application    Hospital Oxygen Generator
Oxygen producing method    PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption
Pressure    3ATA
Compressed medium    air compressor
Oxygen concentration    95.%
Working pressure    1.5-3 Bar
Applicable water source    Pure
Packaging and delivery
Selling Units:    Single item
Single package size:    150X130X110 cm
Single gross weight:    1450.000 kg


Product Description


• The Hyperbaric Chamber MO-13 is a chamber of the monoplace type, designed for medical treatments (therapies) of hyperbaric oxygenation in controlled conditions, in an atmosphere of medical oxygen at pressures up to 3 ATA.

• The Hyperbaric Chamber MO-13 is a pressure vessel made of special steel, with horizontal cylindrical structure, with transparent acrylic tube section of 1,300 mm long and 900 mm. diameter, made of one single piece without seams or glue that allows the patient full visibility to the outside, reducing the feeling of confinement and providing comfort for its interior space.

• All the equipment, parts and pieces used in the manufacturing process are designated, certified and approved for its use especially in a hyperbaric atmosphere.

• Upon request of the customer, this model can be made with pressurization system with compressed breathing air and oxygen supply by mask.


• Material: Special Steel

• Maximum treatment pressure: 3 ATA

• Pressurization with oxygen

• Material: Two sections, one of special steel and other acrylic tube.

• Exterior Diameter: 900 mm.

• Interior Diameter: 820 mm.

• Length of the acrylic tube section: 1300 mm.

• Length of the Steel section: 900 mm.

• Overall exterior length: 2,600 mm.

• Total height: 1,440 mm.

• Total width: 1,070 mm.

• Total volume: 1,6 m3.

• Approximated weight: 1,300 kg.

• Maximum working pressure: 3 ATA.

• Width of the stretcher: 700 mm.

• Length of the stretcher: 2,130 Mts

3ATA high pressure Hyperbaric chamber for therapy treatment .


2.1. The Hyperbaric Chamber MO-13 is designed to attend one single patient.

2.2 Considering the amplitude of the stretcher width, in this chamber model, is feasible to treat a child accompanied by a parent, comfortably.

2.3 The control panel of the equipment is installed laterally, attached to the steel structure of the chamber.

2.4 This panel contains all the equipment commands, gauges, operation valves, emergency valves, intercom, etc… for the full operation of the equipment.

2.5 The control panels can be placed either to the left or right side of the steel tank according to the needs of the customer, allowing in the case of a clinic or hospital to have two chambers for example, requested one with left and the other with right panel, so that one single person can operate the two chambers simultaneously.

2.6 The patient enters into the chamber in a comfortable telescopic and reclining stretcher of 750 mm wide.

2.7 This stretcher comes completely out of the chamber and allows the patients to enter very comfortable to the hyperbaric chamber. 2.8 Being telescopic, once the patient is lying on the stretcher, it softly slide and get inside of the chamber through a special telescopic system. This allows the stretcher to be always stored inside the chamber and doesn’t take up any extra space in the barosala.

2.9 When the patient enters into the hyperbaric chamber, a special antistatic bracelet is placed in his wrist to give more security regarding the static charges in cities of dry weather.

2.10 Special medical penetrators are installed in the door of the chamber to allow the customer to put hyperbaric medical equipment in an optional way.

2.11 A special penetrator T-COM type of 1 inch is also placed in the door of the chamber to allow the placement of a transcutaneous oxygen monitor.

2.12 In the door of the monoplace hyperbaric chamber there is installed a security system for oxygen blockage, which doesn’t allow this gas to enter to the pressurization system while the door of the chamber remains open.

2.13 This way we make sure that the oxygen doesn’t contaminate the barosala because of a bad operation of the commands of the chamber while the door is open.

2.14 Double security device (One pneumatic and one mechanic) is also installed in the chamber door to block the opening while the chamber is pressurized.

2.15 A communication system (hands-free) between the patient and the operator of the chamber is supplied with the equipment to allow the constant communication with the patient.

2.16 A security or relief valve comes installed in the equipment and is automatically activated in the case of a not allowed

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