1.6ATA 4 Person Hard Hyperbaric Chamber


With silent settings
For 1-4 people to use
Factory direct sales Very cost-effective
Integrated molding
Oversized automatic hatch
Air conditioner is removable
Low/Medium/Highair pressure switch
Internal and externalintercom function
Automatic pressureboost and decompression device
Seven major security settings
Flexible use of
multiple layouts


1.Integrated molding chamber
The integrated molding cabin ismore durable, pressure- resistant,and quieter. The cabin is made ofstainless steel, which has betterpressure resistance.

2.Install TV audio andother equipment in the chamber
Install TV audio and audio-visualequipment in the chamber, and at thesame time, you can relax and enjoyoxygen therapy.

3.Large linearpush-pull chamber
The large linear push-pull cabin dooris more convenient to enter and exit.The cabin door is made ofhigh-strength PC material and thetransparent door eliminates thefeeling of occlusion in the chamber,which increase users peace ofmind experience.

4.Control system
With the internal control system, theusers can operate internally bythemselves, selecting the air pressureand the air conditioner switch,boosting speed and other functions.

5.Internal airconditioner
The air conditioner is installed inside.the unique water cooling design ismore environmentally friendly, thetemperature is comfortable, and thecabin feels coolin summer.

6.Multiple layouts
Multiple layouts, multiple

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