Portable 1.3ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  Feature and Function:


1. Zipper seal for easier entrance.
2. 1.3 ATA(4psi) operating pressure.
3. Portable/Foldable chamber for more convenient use.
4. Internal Pressure Valve: Use can observe the pressure while inside the chamber.
5. Internal metal frame: Hold the shape when deflated.
6. Covered with nylon cover-unique 3 zipper seal for air leak prevention.
7. Delivers 90% oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset/facial mask.
8. Internal frame support-hold its shape when deflated.
9. Sitting chamber is designed to add a folding chair (adjustable height) for comfort
10. the use of environmentally friendly non-polluting high-density foam to fit the chamber, to ensure that the chamber will not
shake during using patented
11. design, automatic pressure control, safe, accurate, security, accuracy, made of aluminum alloy.
12. large observation window, inside can clearly see the outside, and vice versa
13. Manual pressure release device, can regulate the speed of both pressurization and depressurization, Inner and outer two-way adjustment is easy and feasible.
14. External pressure monitor, accurate observation of pressure outside the chamber
15. The use of imported air inlet valves, the hoses can be turned 360 degrees, to avoid damage and bend d the hoses


Specification Data


Chamber Capsule

Chamber capsule
Pressure 1.3ATA
Material High Strength TPU
Size (D*L) 225*80cm(32in)

Air Compressor

Size 39*24*36cm
Weight 18Kg
Air Flow 70Liter/Min
Noise 50db(A)
Working Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power 550W
1. Quiet & Oil-Free Type.
2. Two Super absorption activated carbon filters in input and outlet.

Oxygen Concentrator

Size 35*32*57cm
Weight 30Kg
Oxygen Flow 1-5L/Min adjustable
Oxygen Purity ≥90%
Working Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power 500W
1. PSA Molecular Sieve High Technology.
2. Continuous Oxygen production, no need oxygen tank.

Air Cooler

Size 18*12*35cm
Weight 5Kg
Working Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power 200W


Accessories come with the system

Air Cooler
Metal Frame
Chamber Capsule
Oil-Free Air Compressor
Oxygen Concentrator 5liter/min



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