Large Multiplace Medical Hyperbaric Chamber

Electronically controlled, an operator control panel.
Multifunction breathing device.
Automatic air conditioner system(maintaining constant temperature about 22-25 degree)
Intercom for two-way communications inside and outside the chamber
Wide and convenient transparent viewingports.
Wireless monitor exclusively used in hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
Control panel with manual operation valve by push-pull rod.
Automatic timer, oxygen and pressure system
Wide and comfortable treatment room.
All can be customized as per client request.


 Chamber Cabin    
Pressure  3.0ATA(0.2Mpa/44psig)
Material Stainless steel
Size Customized
Weight Depending on size
System Machine    
Size/Weight As Specified
Flow of Oxygen 1-5L/min adjustable
Voltage 110V/220V ±10%
All-in-one machine, a combination of air compressor and oxygen generator

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