3L Portable Continuous Flow Oxygen Generator Machine with 2 x Battery

Portable Breathing Machine

  •  Approx 3+/-1.5 L/min(standard atmospheric pressure),it is not medical.
  •  The machine is recommended to work up to 8hrs continuously, and then let it rest for about 30 minutes and restart.
  •  The battery duration is 60-80 minutes per full charge.
  •  5~40C Application humidity: below 90% RH0~40C
  •  Storage humidity: below 80%RH
  •  Noise:  below50db
  •  Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ or DC 12-15V
  •  Power: average below 32W
  •  Generating unit+adapter+lithiumbattery (15V, 4A) +charger 2.4KG
  •  Generating unit: adapter 2.0KG26(L)X11(W)X17(H)28%+/-2%( standard atmospheric pressure).




    • Styled design, selected material, compact structure, simplified ear-phone shaped oxygen.
    •  Mild airflow is supplied for a harmonious atmosphere.
    • The advanced technology incorporated for precise oxygen concentration contralto 29+1-2% for rich oxygen achievement, but it is not medical.
    • Simplified concise control system with the intensive design under the control of only 1 knob.
    • International standard adapter (100-240v) safely withstands serious change of power pressure and frequency.
    • Furnished with a Chargeable battery can be used at home, in a car, and even in a place without a power supply.
    • Direct Currency and brushless motor ensuring quiet running and economical power Consumption. Vector frequency conversion bringing powerful driving.


    Product Advantage:

    • Light and Portable.Only approx 2kg, easy to carry.
    •   Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation. Below 50db.
    • Energy-efficient and cost-effective: Mini size, Economical power consumption, Just concentrates pure oxygen from environment air, so it is nearly no cost. Long-term use can save you thousands of dollars.
    • Convenience: It provides a continuous supply of oxygen without the need to store and replace cylinders.
    • Reliable and easy to maintain. Just keep the intake filter clean and clear of dust. No need for special installation nor wait for deliveries refill tanks like liquid oxygen or oxygen tanks.
    • Easy to operate. Simplified concise control system with the intensive design under the control of only 2 buttons.
    • FREE BONUS: International standard adapter(100-240V) safety withstands serious change of power pressure and frequency. 
    • Furnished with a chargeable lithium battery can be used at home. In a car and even a place without a power supply.
    • Advanced photocatalyst active carbon functions to remove dust, bacteria, and odors from air delivering clean and fresh air.
    • Long working time: It can be operated for extended hours continuously plugged into a wall or car power outlet. (up to 8 hrs continuously)
    • Oxygen purity to 29(+1/-2)%, life standard clean rich oxygen supply.

    Packing List


    1 x Main oxygen concentrator
    1 x Power adapter
    1 x Carry Bag
    1 x Extender tube with vaporizer capsule
    2 x Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    1 x Lithium Battery charger
    1 x Nasal Cannula
    1 x Power Cord Product pictures
    1 Piece of English User Manual




    1. Is this oxygen generator for medical use or home use?

     It is home use, if you buy medical use, pls click Here 

    2. Can buy additional batteries?

    If you need additional batteries, pls email us

    3. What is the delivery time for this product?

    Hi, it takes about 7-15 days after you place an order.

    4. Do I need to buy anything else to be able to use it right away?

    Hi, you don't need to buy anything else.

    5. Is there a case/bag to carry the generator while walking, or visiting somewhere. Do nose tubes come with it?

    Hi, yes there is a shoulder bag included and an oxygen tube.

    6. How do I charge the battery?

    Hi, there is a charger in the package and you can use it to charge the battery.

    7. How long is the portable last hours, can you walk with it

    Hi, it can be used for 60-80 minutes for each battery after fully charged and you can use it while walking.

    8. What does Oxygen concentration 28±2% mean?

    Hi, this means that the concentration of oxygen will be about 28% and there will be a 2% margin.

    9. Does this machine makes its own oxygen or is there a tank that has to be recharged

    Hi, this machine can make its own oxygen, doesn't need a tank.


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