Veterinary Clinic Portable ICU Pet Incubator


1. Dual heating and ventilation system
2. Stable and Sturdy, made from Gauge 17 steel panel, ensures long service life.
3. Function:, Humidifier,Anion, Disinfrction,Light,CO2 Alarm, Temperature Control and so on.
4. Carbon dioxide monitoring system
5. Negative-ion generator
6. Precision temperature&humidity control
7. Built-in forced air nebulizer
8. Exclusive multi-function moisturee and cooling control
9. Optional cooling and oxygen system available (Uvet Air cooling, Uvet oxygen concentrator)

Technical Specifications

Power supply voltage 220V±10%/50Hz±2%
Input power ≤400VA
Ambient temperature 10°C ~ 35°C
Temperature fluctuation ≤0.8°C
Cabinet temperature
15°C ~ 38°C (can be up to 39°C by special operations)
Withstand voltage 1500V/50Hz
Cabinet temperature control accuracy ≤±0.5°C
Temperature rise time 5min ~ 20min
Noises in monitoring room ≤30dB



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